Remainly - Online Couples Therapy

The story behind Remainly

Andreas Narum is a certified psychologist, with more than 15 year's experience as a professional couples therapist. He has, among other things, participated as an expert in several TV productions for the Norwegian public television, NRK.

As a couples therapist, Andreas has met many couples who have one thing in common: "They should have come to therapy much sooner" If they had done so, it would have been much easier to maintain a healthy relationship.

About Andreas Narum and Remainly

"As a psychologist, I feel very strongly about teaching couples basic techniques that will create better understanding and intimacy. Not just for the couples who come to my office, but for all couples." says Andreas Narum.

Many couples struggle to find the time or the confidence to seek counselling, thinking that the problems might go away on their own. That's why he developed Remainly – so that everyone can get help right away, without having to schedule an appointment with a therapist.

The company behind Remainly

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