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Why is it important to discuss the future in a relationship?

Having conversations about the future can be daunting, but these conversations are essential when it comes to maintaining and improving your relationship.
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How to solve a problem: discussing new issues

Some couples may struggle when it comes to speaking about issues in their relationship. Discover the tools you need to improve the communication with your partner.
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Remainly's relationship psychologist Andreas Løes Narum

Understanding the effect poor communication has on a relationship

Not regularly discussing thoughts, feelings and plans? A lack of communication can have a detrimental impact on couples. Discover why communication is essential!
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I feel as if I'm constantly nagging my partner: What should I do?

If nagging is the source of most arguments, it might be time to assess your perspective and communication skills as a couple. Discover how in our blog!
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Getting your partner to help around the house

It can be frustrating when you feel like you are the only one in your relationship who does any housework. Discover how you can get your partner to contribute more to household chores.
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How to turn destructive arguing into positive conversation

Arguments are inevitable, but they do not have to be destructive. We take a look at how you can improve your relationship by turning destructive arguments into positive conversations.
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The secret to a happy relationship

A relationship is a balance of many things in life, but when you factor in these fundamental points, enjoying a happy relationship is light work.
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Bringing up past arguments: the history trap

The History Trap is a common form of arguing within couples. In our interview with Andreas Løes Narum, we address why these arguments occur and how they can impact a relationship.
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How to bring back intimacy in a relationship

Emotional and physical intimacy is essential for a healthy and happy relationship. Discover why and how you can feel more connected to your partner with our advice.
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How to stop passive-aggressive behaviour

Passive-aggressive behaviour can cause long term problems in a relationship. Here we explore the actionable steps that you can take to stop passive aggression and further strengthen your relationship.
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