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Discovering common interests in a relationship

Devoting time through shared experiences and activities can go a long way in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. Discover more in our blog!
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A couple walking while smiling and holding hands

What makes a relationship grow?

A strong and trusting relationship develops over time. Discover how you can develop your relationship into a deep and loving bond with our fundamental foundations.
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Why do we always argue? How to avoid repetitive arguments in a relationship

Some couples find themselves trapped in a loop of repetitive arguments that never get resolved. We explore how you can stop such arguments in your relationship.
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Introducing Andreas - An Interview With Remainly’s Founder

Discover more about Remainly’s founder and lead couples psychologist, Andreas Løes Narum! We talk about life and relationships in our interview!
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Why do couples argue over nothing?

Arguing over “nothing” is a common relationship problem, but it could be down to unresolved issues. We explore why couples argue over nothing.
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Common long-term relationship problems

As relationship experts, we see many long-term couples struggle with similar issues. We look at common problems faced by couples in a long-term relationship.
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How to spot bad habits in a relationship

Bad habits in a relationship should ring alarm bells and both you and your partner must be able to hear them.
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A couple discussing their relationship while holding hands

How to better understand your partner’s emotions

It can be difficult to understand your partner’s thoughts and feelings. We share some ways in which you can learn to better understand their emotions.
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How can I get my partner to spend more time with me?

Spending quality time with your partner is vital for a happy and healthy relationship, but in the busy lives we lead, it can be challenging to ensure both people in a relationship are satisfied.
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How to build a better future with your partner

It can be daunting to be so honest and open with your partner; however, when working together, you can build a better and brighter future with your significant other.
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