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What are the signs of poor communication in a relationship?

A conversation between one another as a couple can feel argumentative as opposed to supportive. Discover what contributes to weak communication and why you should improve it.
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How can I get my partner to spend more time with me?

Spending quality time with your partner is vital for a happy and healthy relationship, but in the busy lives we lead, it can be challenging to ensure both people in a relationship are satisfied.
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Relationship advice for couples who argue

Arguments are common in relationships. Discover how to identify unhealthy ones, why they may happen, and how you can prevent the same arguments reoccurring.
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How to have more fun with your partner

If your relationship is experiencing a reduction of enjoyment and connection, discover the small steps you can take to reintroduce happiness and intimacy.
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Growing together or growing apart: how to adapt and change

One of the reasons that many long-term relationships begin to break down is because both sides have failed to adjust to changes with their partner, and we often hear the phrase ‘grown apart’.
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How to build a better future with your partner

It can be daunting to be so honest and open with your partner; however, when working together, you can build a better and brighter future with your significant other.
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Remainly launches its online couples therapy service in the UK

Introducing the new online couple’s advice service, Remainly. Find out more about our video-based advice led by relationship psychologist Andreas Løes Narum.
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How does stress affect relationships?

External or internal stress while in a relationship can have a negative impact if not managed appropriately. Discover the advantages and disadvantages as well as how to manage it.
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Can couples survive an affair?

The discovery of an affair can be an emotional and traumatic time; however, it does not have to mean the end of a relationship. Here we take a look at the important first steps.
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Improving your relationship: how couples therapy can help you

Couples don’t need to be in a crisis to benefit from professional relationship advice. We speak to one of Remainly’s founders and relationship psychology expert Andreas Løes Narum.
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