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Improve your relationship

To remain in a healthy relationship, it's essential not to take each other for granted. - Remainly will teach you useful learnings for a long lasting coupling!

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5 star rating!
"Thank you for a super couples counselling site. A great idea that basically all couples would benefit from doing together!"
Female, 36
4 star rating!
"Especially useful to regard differences in personality with curiosity and respect - instead of as a minefield of conflicts"
Male, 41
5 star rating!
"We have received very good assistance and think that this was very educational and a pleasant way of doing it"
Female, 36
4 star rating!
"We are very satisfied with the service so far. We feel that we really benefit from this and will continue all the way through"
Male, 35
5 star rating!
"I think EVERYTHING was spot on! The psychologist is lovely to listen to!"
Female, 31
5 star rating!
"Thank you for a fantastic site! Had lots of use for this!
Female, 39

Improve and strengthen your relationship

With day to day responsibilities getting in the way, many people forget to focus on the little things that really matter. To remain in a healthy relationship, it's essential not to take each other for granted.  


Especially when things feel a little stale, you need to be aware, or learn more about good and bad habits. On this pathway you will learn more about topics like, exploring your future, being on the same team, learning about emotions etc.

The core function of Remainly is the time you spend in conversations exploring each other.

Intro video - Improve your relationship

If your relationship is doing fine, why would you need help for improving it?

This is a relevant question, and there are at least two answers to it:

  • It's so much easier to learn how to avoid bad habits and establish good ones when times are good.
  • Divorce rates in many countries are above 50%, and investment in your relationship may nudge you in a better direction.

One of the key functions of Remainly is to help couples establish new words for talking about your individual differences. Much of the friction that may eventually lead to a split up or a divorce, is caused by not having established a playful and respectful way of talking about your individual needs, thoughts, or desires.

Relevance is key

A common problem for many couples, is that they stop talking about the things that really matter, however, it's these details that keep a relationship alive.

Remainly provides you with professional guidance needed for identifying and talking about many of the things you find important in life, allowing you to discover more about each other as you grow in your relationship. By doing this, you are setting yourself up for a happy, long-lasting coupling.

Therapy may sound intimidating, but we like to think of it more as guidance towards a happier future. If you're going to spend your lives together, you want it to be the best, right?

It may seem a little unusual or even a little strange at first to talk about topics suggested by someone else, but many couples have told us not only how helpful they have found our advice and videos, but also how much they have enjoyed the resulting effects.

“As a psychologist and couples therapist, I feel very strongly about teaching couples basic techniques that will create better understanding and intimacy"

Remainly will help you

Led by Scandinavian couples therapy expert, Andreas L Narum, our videos will guide you towards an improved relationship with your partner. How do we know it works? We’ve helped thousands of couples get their relationship back on track and we are constantly updating and improving our service.  

Unlike traditional couples counselling, at Remainly, it doesn't matter how quickly or slowly you choose to go

Meaning that there is minimal outside pressure. This can be particularly beneficial for those who are more introverted and perhaps struggle to open up. There are no meetings, schedules or time restrictions, you can pick a time that suits you in the comfort of your own home.

All prices are per couple and include a 7-day free trial