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Thousands of couples have solved problems and improved their relationship through Remainly. Read on to find out how it works.

Struggling in your relationship

All couples can benefit from seeing their relationship from a few new perspectives. Both in good and in challenging times.  

At Remainly, though our pathways including extensive collection of recorded video tutorials, we offer the best techniques for preventing and dealing with an array of couples challenges, such as destructive arguments and poor communication. Whether you’re the kind of couple who argue loudly or suffer in silence, Remainly guides you, step by step, towards less friction and a happier relationship.

Struggling relationship
Online video guidance

Online video guidance

We offer 5 different so called Pathways including more than 100 videos containing guidance for the most common challenges couples tend to have. These videos contain practical techniques that will help you to tackle your challenges.

Choose an issue that you want to learn more about. Watch the video.
Schedule time with your partner and spend the necessary time together in conversation.  

Guided tasks

The point of every video is to familiarize you with a topic that has been shown to be beneficial for couples.  Every video lesson includes an exercise that you do with your partner.

You practice what you have learned in the lesson and you estabish new vocabulary and ways of talking about issues that may benefit you.  

The core function of Remainly is the time you spend together in conversations with each other.

Video lessons and exercises that you do with your partner
Find your way back

Finding your way back

No matter where your relationship is, you could do well trying to tweak your good habits to become even better, and prevent your bad habits from pushing you apart.

All relationships need attention. At Remainly you get the chance to be curious about each other´s worlds in ways that may bring you closer. It might be fun as well.

How it works

1. Create your free account.

2. Begin on your own, or together with your partner.

3. Start with the pathway that best suits your needs.