Remainly - Online Couples Therapy

How Remainly works

Remainly is a proven and easy-to-use online solution. You will be guided by our certified psychologist, through video tutorials and exercises.

Struggling in your relationship

Remainly gives you access to self-help programs, including video tutorials with the best techniques for preventing and dealing with a range of couples challenges.

Whether you are one of those couples who argue loudly or suffer in silence, Remainly guides you step-by-step to less friction and a happier relationship.

Struggling relationship
Online video guidance

Online video guidance

We offer seven different Pathways including over 100 videos with guidance for the most common challenges couples have. These videos contain practical techniques that will help you to tackle your challenges.

Start with the pathway that best suits your needs.

Guided exercises

The goal of each video is to familiarize you with a topic that has been shown to be beneficial for couples. Every video lesson includes an exercise that you do with your partner.

You practice what you learn and develop new vocabulary and new ways of talking about issues that will benefit your relationship.

The core function of Remainly is the time you spend together in conversation.

Video lessons and exercises that you do with your partner
Find your way back

Finding your way back

All relationships need attention. With Remainly, you get a chance to be curious about each other again and learn how to solve problems.

How it works

Start on your own or together with your partner