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Poor communication

Improve your communication

On this path you will learn proven and practical techniques on how to improve your communication.

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Poor communication

When partners say there's a lack of communication in their relationship, what they usually mean is there's no communication.


Feeling as though your partner does not listen to you can make you feel rejected and lonely. Poor communication in a relationship may be triggered by a simple comment that results in arguments or a blame game. In couples counselling, a much used phrase is: "My partner never listens to me."

On this path you will learn proven and practical techniques on how to improve your communication.

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Communication in a relationship

Communication comes in many forms and while we should be aware of what we are saying, there are many ways in which we communicate non verbally that we should also be mindful of.


At Remainly, we understand the challenges that couples face when it comes to communication. How do you start a conversation without ending up in a blame game? At Remainly you get access to some of the best techniques available for easing your way out of many communication traps.


We help couples to address issues that are having an effect on their relationship. By exploring these issues, you will discover a deeper and more meaningful connection with your partner. When learning to speak more openly to each other with less confrontation, couples can grow together and work more effectively as a team. 

Imagine your partner listening attentively to you or being willing to acknowledge that you have a point!

Remainly will help you

Under the guidance of leading Scandinavian relationship therapist Andreas Narum, our online video tutorials lead you through the steps to achieve better communication. We have helped thousands of couples find a better and brighter future with many telling us that their relationship has never been stronger.


We take into account peoples differences in personality and ensure our advice is suited to everyone. There are no time restrictions or meetings which means that you can schedule everything around a time that suits you in a place you feel comfortable.

By signing up you will receive access to all five of our pathways meaning you can also explore our advice and guidance on other topics such as destructive arguing and maintaining your relationship.

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