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Rebuild intimacy

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Rebuilding intimacy is not just about a physical connection but also about a deep-rooted mental bond.

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Rebuilding intimacy in a relationship

Couples who are frequently intimate report higher relationship satisfaction than those who aren’t. Not only does intimacy strengthen the connection between partners, it also provides peace of mind and can lead towards increased wellbeing. A healthy level of intimacy is one of the best ways to maintain a happy relationship.

On this pathway you will learn proven techniques on how to rebuild your intimacy.

There often comes a point where couples are less intimate which can lead to feeling unwanted or unappreciated. In reality, both sides usually want to connect more, but may be unsure of how to address the situation, especially if it has been some time.

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Discussing intimacy issues

It is possible that either you or your partner may find it a little uncomfortable to discuss such issues and some people may be more private than others. If one side finds the discussion easier than the other, it can result in poor communication, feelings of rejection and sometimes arguments. Cultural differences and past experiences may also add barriers.


At Remainly, we work with couples to help them discuss intimacy in a way that they are both comfortable with. Our professional understanding of relationships and people means our guidance is tailored to suit everyone and help people to approach the subject without feeling so uncomfortable or shy.


It may seem self-indulgent to discuss your own needs, however, in a relationship, emotional and physical needs are fundamental. We want to get couples to open up to one another and understand that rebuilding intimacy is not just about a physical connection, but also a deep-rooted mental bond.

By finding a way of talking about your needs and desires and discovering ways to demonstrate gratitude and affection we help couples to break away from their usual routine which, over time, may have become somewhat mechanical.

"Couples who are frequently intimate report higher relationship satisfaction than those who aren't"

Remainly will help you

Our professional online relationship therapy is led by leading Scandinavian couples psychologist, Andreas L Narum. For this pathway, an extensive collection of online video advice will guide you and your partner through ways you can discuss, reconnect and restore intimacy.

What sets us apart from traditional couples counselling is the flexibility. There are no meetings, offices or time restrictions, you are free to watch the videos and to do the following exercises in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

Signing up to this pathway also grants you access to the other services on the Remainly site, including how to improve your relationship and how to deal with destructive or repetitive arguing. Many of our customers enjoy the Remainly process so much that they choose to try the other pathways too.

Start on your own or together with your partner

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