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How does Remainly work?

Remainly offers you help in solving common relationship problems through several relationship learing "Pathways" with more than 100 video lessons and guided tasks on a variety of topics.

You will learn proven, professionally based techniques to improve your relationship.

You can choose to work individually on separate computers or mobilephones, or together at the same time on the same device.

You can complete the courses separately on your own time before sitting down together and talking to each other according to the guidelines of the path.

You can also start on your own, and invite your partner to join you at a later time.

Each path begins with a video describing the topic at hand, followed by an exercise and key words to use when talking with your partner.

You can write your own notes to keep track of what you have talked about in the Couples log. The core function of Remainly is the time you spend together in conversation.

How much does Remainly cost?

As a couple, you only pay one fee. Secure payment is made by card through Stripe.

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Can I book hours with a therapist for an online consultation at Remainly?

At the moment, this is not possible. Remainly offers guided relationhsip learning pathways that you do alone or with your partner.

How long do we have access to Remainly after payment?

Monthly subscriptions without a bound agreement run for one month at a time and can be cancelled at any time. You have full access as long as you pay the monthly amount.

Are we bound in an agreement if we choose a monthly subscription?

No. If you choose continuous monthly subscription on Remainly, you can cancel it at any time, with no agreement.

This means that no amount will be deducted in the following month, but you will not get your money back for the month started. You retain access until 30 days have passed after payment.

How do we cancel or pause our subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by going to the "Account" page on the Remainly app, where you will find information about your payments and current subscription.

How does the 7-day free trial work?

We offer a 7-day free trial on all price plans. You can cancel or pause your subscription at "Account"

Am I anonymous if I use Remainly?

We ask for as little information as possible: your email address and your first name or nickname and age and gender. We do not share your email address with third parties. We only use it to communicate with you.

We protect this information by using industry standard secure servers and encrypted data transmissions. All payment information is stored with trusted payment providers. Read more about how we protect your information in our Privacy Policy.

Can online couples therapy work just as well as regular therapy?

Offering an online service as a therapeutic tool is not ethically unproblematic. Several of the videos also emphasise the possible need for professional help, outside Remainly.

Our premise is that the couples who choose Remainly are well functioning individuals who will use this service because they want to resolve their problems and improve their relationship. They may not have the time or the desire to seek out a psychologist or couples therapist, or they may find it too costly per hour.

We hope that Remainly will make sure that the vast majority of couples who, for various reasons, do not seek professional help from a therapist, can still enjoy and benefit from the massive research that exists on couples and couple satisfaction.

Our service is not intended for relationships where there are serious problems such as substance abuse or domestic violence.

How long has Remainly been around?

Remainly, and its Norwegian version, has been online since 2016.

Several thousand Norwegian couples have invested time and been able to improve their relationships through Parweb.

In May 2020, we launched the english version of Parweb -

Since march 2021, Remainly is also available in Swedish -

Is Remainly good for same-sex couples too?

Yes. Anyone in a close, romantic relationship can use Remainly.

Human closeness in romantic relationships is characterized by very general mechanisms that almost everyone can recognize.

Are the couple stories statements from real people?

Yes, but the age and gender may have been changed and the pictures are illustrations.

Are Remainly available in other languages?

Yes, in Swedish -

Yes, in Norwegian -

The company behind Remainly

Remainly is owned and operated by Parweb Scandinavia AB (Ltd)

Varberg, Sweden

Company number; 559211-3491

VAT number; SE559211349101


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All prices are per couple and include a 7-day free trial