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How to deal with infidelity

What should you do when you discover an affair? Many people react in panic and do things they regret. Should you involve friends and family? Should you stay or should you go? Your relationship can survive an affair if you are willing to invest the time and energy needed. Remainly can show you how.


The emotional damage caused by an affair is painful and the weeks after the discovery are often uncertain as partners try to figure out how to proceed. Many people may feel that their relationship might be over, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

If both partners are committed to repairing the damage and rebuilding trust, it is possible to heal the wounds. Couples who survive an affair often say that their relationship is stronger as a result of the time and effort they have invested.

Remainly will guide you in a proven 3-step program designed by our experienced couples therapist. It includes what to do, what not to do, and in what order.

  1. The emergency room
  2. Searching for normality
  3. About the future

The process

Acting quickly and correctly is vital. We guide you from the very beginning. The initial discovery usually comes with feelings of betrayal, despair and anger and if you let these emotions drive you, it may cause you to do things you will regret in the long run. Our online therapy guides you through a proven pathway towards healing.


Based on a combination of research and experience, our relationship counsellor, Andreas Løes Narum, guides you through online, video based therapy sessions, guided task and

Why Remainly

We know that dealing with an affair takes time and it is important to work at a pace that suits you. With Remainly, there are no time restrictions or appointments and you can watch the videos where you wish.


If you are both willing to commit and invest, Remainly can help you and your partner to heal and reconnect.

Most relationships can survive an affair! If you are both willing to commit and invest, Remainly can help you and your partner to heal and reconnect.

At Remainly, we offer five unique pathways designed to provide couples with the best professional advice. Improving your relationship, resolving poor communication or destructive arguments, or dealing with an affair, each one has been tried and tested by thousands of couples.

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