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Couples therapy

What is Couples therapy and when should you apply?

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Couples therapy

Many people perceive couples therapy to be a last resort, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Couples therapy provides you with the tools you need to break free from repetitive arguments, improve poor communication and get you and your partner back on track to a lifetime of happiness together.


Even if you think your relationship is perfect already, developing the techniques that couples therapy can offer you will help to ensure that your relationship stands the test of time.

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When to seek couples therapy?

There are a number of times in a relationship when counselling may help to resolve issues.

When you are in a crisis

Whether constant, repetitive arguments have pushed you apart, or an affair has caused a fracture in your relationship, couples counselling can help to address the issues and restore the connection.

When there has been a communication breakdown

Poor communication is a common problem in relationships. Opening up and expressing your emotions can be difficult, and this can lead to defensiveness and arguments.


Couples therapy can help you to get advice and establish ways to express yourself without the fear of an argument developing.

Discussing the future

As an unmarried couple, talking about the future can be difficult. Conversations about things like marriage, children and careers can be daunting. If these conversations do not take place openly and honestly, then it can cause problems later down the line regarding compromise or resentment.


By embarking on couples counselling, you can talk freely and express your views on future matters, helping you both to find the right path to take together.  

When you don’t think you need therapy

It’s always good to work on a relationship, even when there are no real issues. Receiving couples therapy every now and then sets you up with the right way to communicate and handle arguments.


This can allow couples to express themselves clearly, and quickly diffuse disagreements, without them turning into ongoing, repetitive arguments. Having couples counselling when there are no problems enables you to learn good strategies before bad habits fall into place.

Why Remainly?

Led by certified psychologist and couple’s therapist Andreas L Narum, Remainly is a video-based couples counselling service that aims to improve your relationship through video clips and assignments.


We’ve already helped thousands of couples get their relationship back on track.


Remainly is accessed online, in your own time, without the need for booking an appointment, making it convenient and accessible to all. You can watch the videos and complete the assignments at your own pace, and there is no pressure from anyone external to your relationship.


It allows you to fit counselling into your life when it suits you, in your own home, rather than squeezing an appointment into your schedule, and this is likely to make you more relaxed and receptive to the conversation.


Try Remainly and join thousands of other satisfied couples who have said yes to a new lease of life!

  • It's confidential, secure and designed to fit your day-to-day life.
  • Learn together or on your own.

Start on your own or together with your partner