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How to have more fun with your partner

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The amount of enjoyment experienced in activities and relationships can affect why and how often we do things. If an element of our lives starts to feel more like a duty or an automated response, it can take away from the original happiness that brought it into our lives.

Our relationship with our partner is not shy of this concept. The pressures of daily life can overshadow the amount of time we spend and connect as a couple.

If you currently feel like your relationship might be experiencing a lull of fun and connection, it doesn’t have to remain that way, and there are small steps you can take to introduce happiness and intimacy back into your relationship.

The role of intimacy

Intimacy may initially not appear like an important connection when thinking of ways to have a more fun relationship.

However, intimacy is not only about the physical connection you share with one another, but also contributes to the emotional side of a relationship. Such as having the trust to share thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

When these can come to the surface of a relationship, it may help you both to realise what is and isn’t important to yourself and the other person. It can be a great place to start exploring how to improve spending your free time together.

In this article, we will provide you with tips which can help to enhance the intimacy of your relationship so you can feel more creative within your own relationship when it comes to fun.

Be warm when you approach one another

Let’s start with greetings.

It may seem like a basic thing we all know how to do. However, think about the difference between receiving a hello from someone you know who is pleased to see you and a greeting from a busy person who doesn’t have much time for you. We all know what we prefer.

Try to make sure when you see and meet up with your partner, whether you live together or apart, that you make them feel welcome and appreciated from the get-go.

After you have started your interaction positively and each person feels valued by the other, deciding how to spend time together may feel easier and more supported.

A couple walking on the beach in the sunset.

Communicate your adoration for one another

On this note of appreciation, keep those compliments and thank you’s up!  Letting each other know you are aware of their positive traits both as an individual and as a contributor to the relationship, enhances feelings of happiness.

Explore what you both find meaningful in life

When you converse, try to dedicate some time to discuss those important and personal aspects of life.


Reminiscing over memories can help you to recognise the times of happiness you have shared and things in life you have enjoyed doing together.

Perhaps start by brainstorming memories and searching through old photos and choosing your favourite ones. Then come together and share these memories.

It may give you an idea of things you would like to do together in the future.

Include your hopes and dreams

Keep each other up to date for things you aspire to be in the future. How could you achieve these together by supporting one another?

Two people cooking together.

Try something new together

After you have tried each other's hobbies, why not try to accomplish something in entirely new territory that neither of you has previously experienced?

This could be a sport, art, or a completely alien hobby! Maybe choose a destination neither of you has visited before and go from there.  If you live with each other, you could try making a new dish together. Perhaps there is a play or film neither of you has seen?  

Dedicate time for dates

In addition to this point, ensure you are dedicating time together. This means no distractions such as phones, emails and work. Set time regularly that is just for you both to enjoy.

Talk about sex

Of course, each person and relationship differs on what the value of sex means to them. Sex may be more prominent in some relationships compared to others. Furthermore, sex may also be more important to one person in the relationship than the other.

In general, it may seem like a daunting topic to initiate. However, research has indicated that those couples who have sex more frequently tend to be happier. Finding ways to talk about sex is a great place to start.

Hopefully, we have offered you a starting block to re-introduce fun and intimacy into your relationship through the building of trust and appreciation.

Each couple is unique, and what brings you together will vary according to your circumstance. If you require more expert and tailored advice, perhaps consider online relationship or marriage counselling? Our experienced psychologist Andreas will guide you through a collection of videos that you can watch in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at our pathways to establish what is best suited to your situation and discover how Remainly can help you.

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