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6 long-distance relationship tips

It’s a long-held belief by many that long-distance relationships do not work.

Yet this ignores all of those couples that have stuck it out and made a long-distance relationship a success. It certainly isn’t easy, but there are ways you can make a long-distance relationship work for you.

We have shared some tips on ways you can keep your long-distance relationship going strong.

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Make use of video calls

When you’re living apart, Skype or Facetime will be your friend, letting you see your partner as you chat to them.  

Texting or messaging can keep the two of you in contact throughout the day, keeping you connected while you go about your daily tasks. But there’s always something a bit lacking here.  

Only texting can cause a bit of a disconnect with your partner, and conversations can become misinterpreted, as your tone isn’t always taken the right way via messaging.

Texts and calls also lack eye contact and the ability to read facial expressions, which can make communication even trickier. Video calling when you can helps to deepen your connection and allows for clearer communication.

Planning trips

Visiting each other is always a highlight in a long-distance relationship. While a spontaneous trip can be a pleasant surprise, it is always good to have visits planned out in advance at regular intervals, and taking care not to spread a pandemic virus.

Knowing when you are going to see each other again makes the time you spend apart a little more bearable, and planning the trip may cause joy and anticipation.

Think about what is easiest for both of you, whether you take it in turns visiting each other at home, or find a place in the middle to meet if it is more convenient.

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Make shared experiences

Just because you live apart doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. Nowadays, technology can allow us to do a whole host of things together at the same time, even when you’re apart.

Try playing a video game together – this can help you come together to solve problems as a team or may bring out your competitive streak! You can also watch a film together at the same time, or read the same book, giving you a few extra talking points for when you catch up.

Enjoy time alone

When you’re in a long-distance relationship being apart is difficult, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. Make sure you still make time for you and enjoy time alone.

There are so many things to be done that don’t have to involve your partner, such as trying out a new craft, watching a show or meeting up with friends. Finding ways to develop as an individual and enjoying your time alone can only make your relationship stronger.

The happier you are when you are alone, the longer you can make your long-distance relationship work.

Having an end date

For those in an established long-distance relationship, having an end goal in mind is a must.

Most couples do not want to continue in a long-distance relationship forever. You or your partner may have aspirations to get married and start a family, or at least settle down in some manner.

Having an end date in mind for the long-distance part of your relationship can help to make things easier for both of you.

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Thinking about the future

Thinking about an end date can spark up some issues. Sometimes long-distance relationships have a natural end to the distance. For example, at the moment, many couples will be long-distance due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the long-distance aspect will hopefully end for them soon.

Yet, things can be trickier for couples who have met online and live miles apart. Many questions are likely to arise. Who will move? Will there be a job for them? How will they find living together?

At this point, communication is absolutely crucial for helping alleviate any concerns. It is essential that you are both on the same page regarding your goals for the future.

We know that discussing future plans and communicating your desires isn’t always easy, so if you need support with sharing your honest thoughts and feelings with your partner, then engaging in online couples counselling can be a great place to start.

Online counselling

By choosing online counselling, both partners can access the advice and work on their relationship together. Lots of couples see counselling as a last resort, but it does not have to be that extreme.

Many couples can benefit from online couples counselling as a way to help them openly express their feelings in a way their partner can understand. It can assist you in forming a plan together for your future, taking both of your needs into consideration.

Remainly is an online video service guided by professional couples therapist Andreas L Narum. Our videos are sorted into pathways tailored to suit your relationship. Find out how we could help today.

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