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The Secret to a Happy Relationship

Discovering the key to a happy relationship is much sought-after and as relationship therapists, we hear it a lot. The reality is that it will vary from couple to couple. What’s good for you and your partner might not be the right fit for the next couple. However, when we take this into account, several factors will remain helpful in any relationship for it to succeed.

What are the secrets to relationship success? We’ve put together a handful of our favourites for you to see:

Being Yourself

When you’re comfortable with someone and you’re enjoying being in a relationship together, it’s great to just be yourself. This is an essential cog in the relationship wheel because it means that you don’t have to try to be someone you’re not. You’ll realise that you don’t have to be perfect, because your partner loves you for who you are, including the imperfections. It also means you get to be one half of an open and honest relationship.

Good Communication

Whether you’re in the workplace, with friends or in your love life, communication is the key to success. Having the ability to be open without the fear of causing an argument is a clear sign that you’re comfortable with each other; this means you can discuss your needs and desires as a couple and ensure you’re both happy with the outcome.

Simply making the time to communicate, regardless of how long or short this time is, will help to keep your relationship happy and healthy because you’re always learning more about each other.

Being Supportive

Who doesn’t want to know that they can rely on the support of their spouse? Having a best friend as well as a partner rolled into one is a special thing indeed, so when you have a bad day or you’re feeling a bit low, having your partner there to help you get through it is irreplaceable. Support is a two-way street and showing your loved one that you care should never be difficult.

Both you and your significant other should take the wants and needs of one another into consideration. Sometimes you will want something different from your partner, but you have to be supportive of their feelings and treat each other with respect.

Having Mutual Respect

Respect creates trust. If respect is offered from both sides when it comes to decisions and opinions, even when you may disagree, then you’re showing how much you care for each other.

Even the happiest of couples can find themselves in quarrels every now and then, so don’t forget to breathe when you find yourself in these situations. It’s significant that you are careful with your words because when everything simmers down, you don’t want to be wishing that you could take back what you said. Sharp words cause wounds that leave scars in your relationship, so just take the time and effort to be respectful at all times for positive relationship results!

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Enjoy Laughing Together

Having the ability to laugh together is arguably one of the unsung heroes of a successful relationship. Sharing private jokes that set you both off are some of the finest ingredients for a passion-filled relationship.

The world is a less enjoyable place without laughter in it, and genuine relationships can rely on some shared wit to help the love grow stronger. When you can laugh as one, you can overcome life’s trials and tribulations as one. If you find there’s some laughter missing in your relationship, then perhaps it’s time to tap into what got you both giggling in the past.

Having Trust

The presence of trust in your relationship means there’s less chance of unwanted emotions such as jealousy and suspicion tainting the bond with your loved one. Trust is paramount for all couples.

When you can rely on trust during a rough patch in your life, you’ll be able to feel secure in the knowledge that they will understand your strifes. Spouses should be able to share their intimate selves, so being able to confide in your partner is essential from time to time. It will help your relationship become content and fulfilled as well as helping both of you to feel supported by a sense of relationship authenticity.

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Allowing Independence

You will no doubt know a couple who are completely inseparable; it may even be you and your partner! Experiencing life as one and having the opportunity to share what life brings together is something that many wish they could do. However, if you look into any strong, long-lasting relationship you will see that they share a common factor; they all have a certain level of independence.

This means that even though spending a lot of time together is amazing, it can sometimes be beneficial to have some independence and do your own thing. For example, you might love playing a certain sport that your partner isn’t keen on. You should be able to use this time to enjoy doing what you love without fear of upsetting your spouse. This also gives you the chance to keep things fresh because you’re seeking out separate experiences that you can share with them afterwards. When you grow as an individual you also grow as a couple.

We hope that these handy pointers can help you in your relationship. If you feel that you need some further assistance, we’re here so please get in contact and get the help you need. With Remainly, our recorded video tutorials are designed by an experienced and professional psychologist. Split into pathways, these videos can help couples to improve their relationship or overcome a crisis.

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