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What makes a relationship grow?

How do we develop a relationship into something meaningful? Growing a relationship from initial attraction to one of a committed and deep bond requires the gradual build of intimacy and trust. These feelings are nurtured over time and developed through shared experiences.

We share some of our invaluable advice to start the development process if you are ready to grow your relationship into something more meaningful.

Remainly works with individuals and couples through online videos to ensure you can develop a loving and trusting bond. Our affordable online couples counselling provides the tools to ensure you prioritise the most important aspects that create a healthy relationship.

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Creating a safe environment

Trust is a vital part of all relationships, especially a romantic one. To build trust, open and honest communications are essential.

It is challenging to feel like you can progress together if you are in an insecure or unsupportive environment. Therefore, ensuring that the relationship dedicates time to one another without distraction and in confidence is a key attribute to developing a trusting relationship.

When meaningful conversations occur, they must be received with emotional support.

Providing emotional support

Emotional support is how we know that our thoughts and feelings are valued by the person we trust. It is reliant on a few essential skills; a key aspect is attentive listening.

Attentive listening is simply listening to your partner without adding your thoughts or opinions. It can be tempting to provide advice during these conversations when your partner shares a story, but it is more beneficial to the relationship to ask questions which instead encourage your partner to continue their dialogue. You can provide advice if specifically requested.

For more information, on the importance of attentive listening and emotional support, take a look at how to improve your relationship through better communication.

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Creating a team atmosphere

Providing an environment which encourages an ‘us’ attitude as opposed to a ‘me’ one also helps to promote a secure foundation to develop trust.

A healthy relationship ensures that both people feel valued and respected, and this comes from having one another’s back, as well as an appreciation for each other’s input. This concept also applies internally to the relationship, during disagreements, for example.

Admitting to mistakes is a crucial part of acting in the best interests of the team atmosphere. Instead of making one another an enemy or reacting defensively, owning up to anything you may need to apologise for can go a long way. We all make mistakes, and accepting your part in an argument shows that you take responsibility and are making a positive change.

Keeping each other involved

Proving that you are dedicated to a relationship means that your partner needs to be involved in your life and not as an afterthought.

If you could spend more time together, you should both work to make this happen. Could they try some of your passions and could you experiment with some of theirs?

This type of compromise and show of interest will help to boost feelings of confidence and inclusion. You could even try an entirely new activity together that neither of you has previously experienced.

These moments help to promote a sense of trust and genuine appreciation of one another.

However, respecting one another’s boundaries is also vital, as, if these are crossed, it will make your partner feel disrespected and decrease feelings of trust.

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Owning your future

Regularly discussing your future, whether near or far, is a strong way to solidify a bond in a relationship. It indicates that you both visualise each other in your lives and expect one another to be part of your plans.

Staying curious about each other’s aspiration is also essential to staying on the same page. Plans don’t have to be the same but ensuring that one another are included or imperative to growing a relationship.

It is essential to be honest about future plans, though, as miscommunication from false ideas can cause harm to a relationship and disrupt the development of trust.

Discover more about how Remainly can help to build a lasting and healthy relationship by browsing our website. Our video service can provide users with support anywhere in the world, and all our pathways are led by our expert relationship psychologist, Andreas Løes Narum.

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