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Here's why you should never assume your partners feelings

Wrongfully predicting your partner’s thoughts is harmful to your relationship. Discover the negative impact of assumption and how it creates a breakdown in...
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Why is it important to discuss the future in a relationship?

Having conversations about the future can be daunting, but these conversations are essential when it comes to maintaining and improving your relationship.
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How to solve a problem: discussing new issues

Some couples may struggle when it comes to speaking about issues in their relationship. Discover the tools you need to improve the communication with your partner.
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Remainly's relationship psychologist Andreas Løes Narum

Understanding the effect poor communication has

Not regularly discussing thoughts, feelings and plans? A lack of communication can have a detrimental impact on couples. Discover why communication is essential!
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My partner never listens to me: what should I do?

Communication is an essential part of any relationship. Here we look at why your partner might not be listening and what you can do enhance your skills.
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Improve your relationship through better communication

Dedicating time to talk and interact with your partner is integral to a relationship. Discover why and how you can develop your communication skills!
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What are the signs of poor communication in a relationship?

A conversation between one another can feel argumentative as opposed to supportive. Discover what contributes to weak communication and why you should improve it.
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