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How do I convince my partner to go to marriage counseling?

Relationships are never easy, but getting married is supposed to put an end to the tough times. It's not always that easy, though.
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Convince my partner to go to marriage counseling |

Introducing Andreas - An Interview With Remainly’s Founder

Discover more about Remainly’s founder and lead couples psychologist, Andreas Løes Narum! We talk about life and relationships in our interview!
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Common long-term relationship problems

As relationship experts, we see many long-term couples struggle with similar issues. We look at common problems faced by couples in a long-term relationship.
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How to plan for the future in a relationship

Planning your future together can strengthen a relationship. Discover how to create a plan with your partner and why you should address the bigger questions.
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How to stop passive-aggressive behaviour

Passive-aggressive behaviour can cause long term problems in a relationship. Here we explore the actionable steps that you can take to stop passive aggression.
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Therapy takes time

Taking your time in couples therapy is crucial when endeavouring to achieve lasting growth and positive change in your relationship. Here, we look at why.
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9 things most couples take for granted

We look at what parts of a relationship are often overlooked, why they are important to maintain a happy partnership and how you can look to improve them!
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The secret to a happy relationship

A relationship is a balance of many things in life, but when you factor in these fundamental points, enjoying a happy relationship is light work.
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Should I give my relationship another chance?

Not every relationship deserves a second chance. But, there are examples of when you can try to work it out. Here, we discuss some of them.
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How can I get my partner to participate in couples therapy

Challenges arise in every relationship and overcoming them is made easier if you and your partner agree that couples therapy may be worth a try.
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